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Offer Collaborative, Social Learning and Development

Not all learning happens inside a classroom or through consuming content. People learn by asking and answering questions, sharing experiences, and referencing resources as they need them. Every time you search the web for an answer or ask a colleague a question, you’re engaging in collaborative or social learning.

Axeb Solutions recognizes the power of social learning and developed the only talent solution with built-in collaborative capabilities, enabling your people to harness the expertise of your internal subject matter experts. You can also enrich your existing formal learning with these features by enabling your learners to have discussions and ask questions about the learning that they are taking in the moment.

Enhance Learning & Development

Build a more social learning experience by enabling your employees to collaborate with one another, ask questions and share their own thoughts and ideas on any topic.

Build Social Learning Communities

Connect your people, no matter where they are located, so they can learn from each other and be more successful.

Build a Culture Of Ongoing Feedback

Help your employees grow and development and drive performance by enabling instant feedback and recognition from peers and managers.

LMS for Industry

Our LMS has been developed to have solutions for your industry’s unique needs and challenges. Axeb Solutions development process focuses on industry needs in areas including accessibility, security, ease-of use, cost effectiveness, and scalability.

Industries we serve are:

Logistics & Supply Chain
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