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Create New Development Opportunities With Informal Learning

People don’t limit their learning to their learning management system. In today’s world of modern learning, people are learning in more ways and places than they ever have before. They naturally supplement formal education, training, and on the job training with web-based content that’s meaningful and relevant to them - like blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and more...

With Axeb Solutions, your employees can discover informal learning resources found on the web, add it to their learning plan, and collaborate and share it with the rest of the organization. All informal and formal learning is kept in one place, so you can track and analyze the effectiveness of all the learning that is happening across your organization.

Embrace Informal Learning

Enable your employees to discover resources outside of the LMS and incorporate it into their learning and development plans.

Centralize Your Learning Activities

Manage and track all formal and informal learning activities across the organization in a centralized location, no matter where it was found and in any format.

Measure Impact of all Modalities

Track and analyze all learning, both formal and informal, happening across the organization and gain a clear line of sight into how it’s impacting organizational success.

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