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Learning Management

Our Learning Management is the core platform we provide an extensive eLearning platform with courses, events, webinars and Learning Programs. End users have access to news, documents, training records, certificates and they can register online to attend events and webinars.

Great companies start with great talent and great talent starts with great learning. Today's employees have high expectations for their organization's learning management and development programs. In fact, only 22 percent of employees say their organizations are very effective in providing easy access to learning and development resources. Companies have to do better if they want to engage and empower their workforce.

Axeb Solutions's learning management technology can support your current and future talent initiatives by making learning accessible and meaningful, optimizing costs, and providing you with the tools you need to effectively manage your training programs.

A complete learning management platform to develop and engage your people

Drive Learning Outcomes

Develop smart learning paths that link learning directly to the skills they need and empower employees to use the learning and development resources that drive individual, team and organizational performance.

Build Skills for The Future

Provide your employees with meaningful learning and development experiences and ensure they have the skills needed to adapt to a changing business environment.

Social Media Marketing

Save time and reduce the administrative burden that comes with managing a powerful learning and development technology, and while still having access to reports that ensure you’re in compliance.

Use Best-in-Class Content

Connect, import and manage flexible libraries of cutting-edge learning content from the likes of, OpenSesame, Skillsoft and more.

Learning Management with Axeb Solutions, you can easily create, catalog, manage and track all types of learning activities, including: web-based, instructor-led, video-based, or file based courses and classes, as well as SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can (xAPI) compliant e-learning. You can also connect, import and manage libraries of cutting-edge learning content from third party providers, including, OpenSesame, Skillsoft and more.

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